Since its establishment, Ayonix develops its own proprietary state-of-the-art face recognition algorithms.

There are many parameters that affect face recognition accuracy. Ayonix is heavily working on these known issues to solve one by one to increase the reliability of recognition engine.

Technology background

Ayonix’s 3D face recognition technology has been developed in Ayonix R&D department where all Ph.D holder scientists are heavily working on new Face recognition technologies. 

Ayonix scientists work with Application development and Sales departments closely. Therefore, they know what industry needs, how technology should help people. For example, Ayonix scientists discovered that people hide their faces by masks which makes face recognition impossible. Hence, they developed a new face recognition technology to recognize from people eyes.
Ayonix Scientists in R&D department is very motivated to provide a human-like face technology which makes Ayonix incomparably advanced company. 

  • 20123D Face Recognition

  • 2007Face Tracking

  • 2005Face Recognition

  • 2002 Face Detection

  • 2000 Eye Detection & Tracking

Key points of Ayonix Face recognition technology
1.Full-3D Face technology(developed in Tokyo, Japan)
2.Compact and fastest engine in the world(approved as the second fastest company in NIST 2014 competition)
3. Supporting various OS and platforms (Win/Linux/Android/IOS)
Short explanation about technology

Ayonix engine is based on 3D Face recognition.