Future Research Topics

Although Ayonix has solved many significant problems, there are still some rooms to improve engine.

Topic Solutions
Sunglass We support sunglasses up to 5 degree face angle.We are working for 30 degree sunglasses images.
Mask Currently we do not support mask.
We are developing a special solution for white masks.
Low resolution Currently working on low-resolution images. Ayonix new low resolution to high resolution conversion methodology will be a breakthrough in this area.
Light Currently, we support indoor/outdoor lights. But complex lights are not still done. It is a long-term topic to solve.
occlusion Face feature occlusions cannot be supported now. We are doing research works to find a proper solution
Angle Currently, we support up to 30 degree as an industry standard.
We are working on 45degree face angle coverage
Front hair Frontal hair with frontal faces has been solved.
Frontal hair with angular faces is under development