Face recognition system solutions

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Centralized face matching

Everything is done in one location. Each branch of customer runs face detection. Face recognition processing is done in one centralized location.

Considering customer uses 2Mp camera. Each frame size is 200KB. Normally, 200KB from each camera is sent to the central server which needs a huge network bandwidth. In this system, only face detection data is sent and each face data is as low as 5KB.


Based on a four-camera system (each camera gives 10fps), here is a comparison between Ayonix intelligent solutions and other companies

Traditional face systems Ayonix solution
Data size per second 8MB/second 200KB/second
Maximum cameras 20 cameras/layer 200 cameras/layer
Matching speed per camera 4-5 seconds 250ms
Maintenance period Once per month Once per year
Cost Expensive Cheap
Service expansion Difficult Easy

Sample diagram