Ayonix Face solutions for Private markets

While more and more people are using ATM to make bank transactions, ATM crimes are also rising rapidly. In order to secure ATM transactions, Face recognition is essential technology.
The ATMs which are equipped with Face recognition technology can recognize the human face during a transaction. When there are “Shoulder Surfers" who try to peek over the cardholders shoulder to obtain his PIN when the cardholder enters it, the ATMs will automatically remind the cardholder to be cautious. If the user wears a mask or sunglasses, the ATM will refuse to serve him until the covers are removed.
In addition to these, face recognition helps
- To ensure that person who uses the ATM is the card’s owner
- To identify Bank VIP customers.
- To verify the bank customer and determines the blacklist customers
- To prevent illegal usage of the ATM cards
Priorities for a bank
1. Reducing fraud costs and increasing security of banking processes such as new account creation, loan, money withdrawing
2. Reducing cost for handling, shipment and management of cards and people ID codes
3. Customer satisfaction and convenience such as shortening waiting time in Bank branches

How Face recognition works

Face recognition is based on the eyes, nose, mouth and face boundaries. Any camera can be used to make a picture of the Face, encrypts it into a special algorithm and then transforms it into a biometric template (Afid), which is then saved in a database. Ayonix’s 3D Face recognition is practically impervious to environmental influences and it is completely contactless and hygienic. It only works with living tissue and in view of the present state of technology is free from manipulation. Face recognition also provides significantly higher precision and security than the biometric recognition of a finger print or an iris.

How Face recognition helps to reduce Fraud (Short case studies)


The number of transaction frauds and security breaches in traditional security systems such as passwords are rapidly increasing, and the necessity for a strong authentication method become inevitable. Due to the role of customers in progress of banks, banks should provide convenient and more secured banking services to customers.

One of the Banks in Moscow wanted to check faces of applicants to get loan. Banks in Moscow suffer that people get loan by using fake ID cards.


We can write a person face into ID card and check the real face of the person with ID card face image. However, writing face image into ID card is not logical for old cards. Changing them is a way but very costly.


We put a camera to the backside of the Bank staff. During loan application, camera checks person face with a Bank fraud database and if person face is found, loan application of the person is automatically rejected.