Public Transportation Solutions 

Public transportation security is very important to improve the security on public transportation such as trams, subways, buses, ferryboats.

Cameras which are mounted inside trams, subways, buses and ferryboats scan passengers’ faces and compare them to a database of images when boarding. The driver gets an alert on the presence of wanted people.

Transportation employee or drivers, staffs are protected from aggressive passengers, criminals, wanted people, troublemakers. If a serious crime is found, the system sends message to the nearest police as well.

The camera only scans facial features, which are not linked to any personal information that can identify any individual person. Therefore, privacy is kept confident,

Public transportation to be equipped with Face recognition

  1. Public buses

City buses, small or big buses, traveler buses, domestic buses, school buses

  1. Trains

Trams, Subways, Train, Shinkansen (Speedy bullet train)

  1. Sea transportation

Ferryboats, ships, Speed-ferry, Yachts

How it works

  • A surveillance camera integrated with Ayonix’s Face recognition is installed inside public transportation or inside the station in suitable locations.
  • Faces of people are captured and Ayonix Face recognition system recognizes all captured faces against the appropriate watch list databases and raise real-time alerts to driver or transportation staffs.


What public transportation solution provides

  • High performance matching capability with multiple camera streams
  • Detection of persons of interest on premises in real-time
  • Real-time alerts if there is a matching
  • Suitable for the detection of both undesirables and VIPs
  • Ability to process from camera streams as well as still images.


Advantages of the Ayonix Face recognition system:

  1. Determination of a lost child
  2. Recognition of people of interest such as trouble makers, criminals, wanted people
  3. Extraction of people demographics information for better service
  4. Measurement of people satisfaction from their faces
  5. Counting number of people who use the public transportation.


Alternative solutions to be used with Public Transportation

In addition to improving the security, fraud use of public transportation can be also prevented.

When passenger touches the ticket to enter the public transportation or to the station, a camera matches the passenger face with the face image inside the ticket. This is match-on-card structure.