Enhance Airport Security with intelligent facial analytic system at the same time, Reduce operational cost

The worldwide deployment of ePassports are changing border control applications, increasing the security of immigration processes and allowing self-service immigration with eGates. Face recognition in combination with ePassorts ensures secure and fast checking of travel documents and biometric verification of the passport holder’s identity.

 Automatic passport check

Ayonix Face Solutions provide Face recognition solutions for government managed by law enforcement and military agencies. Ayonix Face Recognition helps police and other security forces to strength their strategies.

Airport Security (Immigration desk and Counters)

Airport security is a major issue and challenging.  At airports, Ayonix provides E-Gate devices to seamlessly entering the people by showing their passports and faces to E-Gates.

Using Ayonix Face recognition solutions at airport,

  • Airport staff speeds up identity verification processes.
  • Airport police prevents unlawful access to restricted areas within airports.
  • Increased security is guaranteed.
  • Securing checkpoints becomes possible without any gap in security.
  • Security of immigration processes and self-service immigration becomes very easy by using Ayonix E-gate systems.
  • Monitoring undesired immigrants becomes easy manageable.
  • Fake passports can be detected in early stages.
  • Identification of terrorists from boarding planes with fake passports is possible.
  • Airport police guards against the perceived threat of a terrorist attack.
  • Some VIP customers can be detected.
  • Finally, monitoring works of security people is significantly reduced.

Why to prefer Automatic e-Gates (From Passengers Point of View)

No waiting time at gate.


Easy to use, instantly matching.


There is no enrollment process.


Avoid of unnecessary questions in immigration desk.

Why to prefer Automatic e-Gates (From Government Point of View)

Reduce passenger waiting time


Prevent fraud by Fake passports


Increase Airport’s security


  1. Put your passport to passport reader machine
  2. Look at the built-in camera in front of you
  3. Walk to the gate