Mobile Solutions

Smartphones instantly recognize faces, analyzes people gender and age, allow to logon into mobile phone, give access rights to special folders, SNS services such as facebook, twitter.


For the past several years, because of increasing CPU power of smartphones such as iPhone, Sony, Samsung and HTC, mobile phones started an important role more than computers.

In addition to this fact, people demands for biometrics for various reason are tremendously increasing. Despite of it, there are not many applications.

Our Solutions

1Face Login solution to mobile
By downloading Ayonix’s facelogin application from Android market, your phone allows you to login by your face image without typing any password. When you turn on facial recognition unlocking, the front camera turns on and tries to match what sees with the stored image. If there’s a match, you’re logged into the phone. If not, you can logon using a PIN or Android’s pattern-tracing screen.

Since application runs on Android, network connection or wireless connection is not needed. Facelogin encourages you at setup to take multiple pictures. For example, if you wear glasses, snap some setup photos without them. Grab other images in different lighting. Take some holding the phone at waist level, looking down at it, and others where you’re holding it up in front of your face. The more you take, the better it becomes at matching you under various circumstances.

Advantages of the Facelogin solution
Contactless and stress-free login Secured login Cheap way to secure your phone
2Android Tablet as New generation Digital Signage
Ayonix Digital Signage Tablet edition (AYDIS-tablet) turns any Android tablet into an advanced, beautiful digital signage screen:

  • Use your Android tablet for in-business promotions or as an information pad
  • Position your screen strategically near products, waiting areas, near bars and counters, in taxis and buses, etc.
  • Increase your spontaneous sales by placing a tablet at your point of sale to increase purchases
Where to use AYDIS-Tablet
  • Near any point of sale
  • On shelves inside stores
  • In taxi/ bus stations
  • Near gas filling stations
  • In restrooms
  • In waiting rooms of clinics, hospitals, drugstores
Benefits of AYDIS-Tablet
  • Extremely low-cost Customer analytics(gender and age)
  • Low cost solution for Digital Signage
  • Easy installments and quick location changes
  • Personalized advertisement for each customer demographic data
  • Specific VIP customer messaging in tablet
  • Centralized content management in one location
  • Quick confirmation of daily/weekly changes of the numbers of customers
  • Both online and offline operation of the tablet.
3Face verification for identity check
Mobile verification allows users to do face recognition from their mobile phones. Ayonix has its own mobile application which captures face image and matches the face with the predefined server.