Face recognition solutions for Medical industry

In many situations, facial recognition has great advantages over other biometrics solutions. Face recognition technology is contactless with the target, making it convenient for wide-ranging applications.

One of the most advantageous locations is for medical industry where 100% hygiene is essential.

For what Face recognition is used in a hospital

1Patient management
All patients who go to hospital are given a patient management ID card and it must be presented every time when they go to hospital. However, cards have two big disadvantages: 1. Patients forget or lose their cards 2. Card magnetic fields are easy to malfunction Face recognition does not require ID card. Patients are recorded to the system by their faces.
2Contactless Doctor face logon
Doctors must keep their hands clean but at the same time, they use computers intensively to check patient data sheets.
Face recognition allows doctors and other staff to login computer by their faces. There is no necessity to touch computer keyboards.
3Door access control
Surgery room, doctor room, laboratory, restricted area, ICU (Intensive Care unit) have all dedicated areas to enter. These are protected by IC card, keys and sometimes fingerprint.
Face recognition secures these entrances, sends an alarm if there is an attempt to enter or if a there is a patient who must not be there.
4Spastic, down-syndrome patient recognition
There are some patient types who cannot properly talk but person authentication is a must. For these patients, face recognition is a must. Only looking at the camera will authenticate the patient easily and simply.