Government solutions

Biometrics is unique to a person, such as a Voice, Finger, Palm, Retina or Face image. Because each individual has unique biometric data, solutions based on biometrics offer a better and more accurate means in terms of security. By matching biometric patterns of individuals against databases of records, our customers can protect and guarded from crime and thefts.


1Consulate building and government facility security
Ayonix APS product protects the government facilities. If someone walks around the building more than a specific time, the system warns the security people about the action.
2City Surveillance
Safe city projects and in connection to this, city surveillance is getting more important for all governments. Ayonix APS helps police officers, military people, and government security guards to protect the city.

Benefits of City Surveillance

  • Ensures city-wide security management
  • Helps solve major cases - an effective forensic tool
  • Increases police productivity and safety
  • Monitors traffic flows of major intersections and roadways
  • Collects black-listed or wanted vehicle plates
  • Prevents theft and other illegal activities
  • Protects private information
  • Identifies people as they walk
A sample network which uses Face Recognition, Number plate recognition and monitoring system.
3Face recognition for Police forces
There are many police departments such as Anti-smuggling and Organized Crime, Law enforcements, intelligent service, Terror prevention.
All of them work for one reason: Prevention of an illegal action and provide a safer life for citizens.
However, it is impossible to deal with everything. To deal with illegal actions, they need IT devices. Face Recognition is one of them they need.
By using Face recognition they can achieve
  • Detect and identify people from IP cameras.
  • Show “watch list” in real time.
  • Real time alert notification.
  • Easy enrollment to database.
  • Batch enrollment utility to enroll millions of people.
  • Automatic face archiving.