Face recognition for access restriction is very important in factories, plaza buildings. For example, if we think about factories, employees have their company-issued IDs for authenticity. Their faces are then matched to their ID photos through facial recognition technology, to weed out those using borrowed ID cards. Their names are also checked against police records.

Why face recognition?

1Reason 1
To keep out underage workers. Fake ID cannot prevent this but Face recognition catch people using fake or borrowed IDs easily.
2Reason 2
To determine workers with borrowed IDs. Any worker can obtain a company-issued ID card that included his photo but another person’s identifying information. Therefore, Face recognition checks their faces and if there is a fraud, system gives alarm or does not open the gate, informs security guards
3Reason 3
To distinguish workers, temporary people(Pizza guys, cargo staff, other visitors, customers, VIP people)

How system works

1Human resources(HR) department enrolls all staff images to Ayonix face recognition system
2People pass through the entrances.
All passing people are recognized and their entrance time, date, image data are all archived in HR database.