Studies show that shoppers are in a highly receptive state of mind toward the messages and information during the shopping

70% of purchase decisions are made in store, 68% of purchases are done by impulse decisions.

Consumer Reaction Studies

Reaction item Digital signage WITHOUT AYDIS) Digital signage(WITH AYDIS)
Like the information on the screen 75% 90%
Messages are informative and relative 70% 95%
Easy way to learn about new products 85% 90%
Content is entertaining 84% 92%
Think more positively about products being advertised 81% 89%

Promoting your products with digital signage influences the customers’ decision and increases basket size.

More advantages of using Digital signage in Supermarkets:

Increase Sales volume

Dynamic content displayed with shoppers’ demographics presents special promotions of the week

Reduce print costs

Digital signage allows retailers to run their own ads which are appropriate to their customer target. Especially stores that carry tens, thousands of items cannot print everything. In addition, it also helps to eliminate static signs to make the stores look olderly.

Adapt with changes instantly

Promotion of the day or week can be adapted immediately without extra effort.


If you are a frequent shopper at any of the major supermarkets, then you have probably been asked by the checkout clerk if you have a membership or loyalty point card.

For the most part, signing up for any of these supermarket cards is the most painless thing and all that is required is that you write your name, address and phone number.

However, considering that supermarkets, video rental shop, convenience shops, airplane companies have similar card system and the problem is where to store them all.

In addition, these cards may make your wallet heavier but they are also be a real lifesaver.

Face recognition replaces all cards. A small built-in camera in cash area recognizes shoppers and automatically adds shopping miles into your credit.

There is no need to carry loyalty or mileage cards anymore. There is no need to worry about losing them out.


First step: Download “Loyalty application” into your smart phone from Apple Store or Android market

Second step: By using application, enroll your face and put your personal details (or application takes these from your facebook, twitter accounts if allowed)

Third step: Go to shop and follow up the cashier instructions. Your rewards, discounts are added to your face account

Fourth step: Check the loyalty application to see your savings.


First step: Put mini web cameras to each cashier machine.

Second step: login Ayonix application (Customer tracking system) by using given username/passport

Third step: Check how many male/female customer, which age range use the store, how much money each male, female, age category spend in store

Fourth step: By using information obtained above, change store product display, change order, do arrangements to increase sales volume.