Digital Signage Solutions

Empowering digital signage with audience detection and analytics


Unlike other biometrics such as fingerprints iris, our faces can be observed with usable accuracy from some distances without us being aware of being watched.
There are various advantages of this in security and marketing point of view
Here, we tell about marketing use of Face recognition technology in Shopping malls.


Digital monitors are in everywhere inside shopping malls. They are used for multi-purposes such advertisements, guidance.
By installing Ayonix Digital Signage (AYDIS) application, screens changes as smart screens suddenly.


“In a mall, we have a tremendous amount of visual clutter. We have to have something that will break through that clutter by size or content or location.
Because shoppers are busy and distracted, and usually will not stop to watch a full advertisement which are not appropriate for shoppers.


First, determine where the highest traffic locations are in the mall and place screens there. Areas with long waiting time, such as a food court, also present opportunities for digital signage. When determining a location, keep in mind that some anchor stores have clauses in their contracts protecting their sight lines from any obstructions.

Second, once the screens with built-in camera are in place, the next step is to create content that will be relevant, useful and fun to the consumer.
When using with proper contents and screen placement, digital signage in shopping malls gives you a win-win situation. Businesses attract more shoppers, shoppers are able to find stores more easily, malls are able to provide another source of entertainment and information to the customers and businesses can keep track of who is specifically looking for their stores.

Third, run AYDIS which will change the screen to a smart digital signage by capturing the shoppers’ demographics (gender, age) from their faces.
Fourth, enjoy and see results in daily, weekly, monthly, yearly graphs.

Ayonix Digital Signage (AYDIS) transforms digital signage into an intelligent, situation-aware content system. The technology works in conjunction with digital displays to sense viewer responsiveness and determine gender and age group, then adapt special messages, advertisements, videos accordingly. Furthermore, AYDIS can also measure the duration of a person’s gaze, further enhancing retailer ability to track consumer behavior.


Before AYDIS After AYDIS
Static Contents Dynamic Contens
Fix Advertisement for everyone Customized ads different for everyone
No interaction with user Interactive with people demographics
Fixed Sales Increased sales