Face Recognition in Cloud

Cloud Outline

In daily life, face recognition applications automatically identify a person from captured images, Mobile phones or IP Cameras for applications such as surveillance, airport security, and law enforcement. Face recognition algorithms analyze images, extract information such as the shape, size and position of the face features (e.g., eyes, nose, mouth), and then use these extracted features to search a face database to locate matching images.
Another interesting trend is the mobile devices available today, such as tablets, netbooks and smartphones. Due to the significant amount of processing required to perform face recognition, face recognition is simply not possible using the mobile devices’ compute power alone, but requiring access to cloud computing.
Mobile devices can access cloud computing resources and allow you to use face recognition.

Why Cloud?

No initial costs – Cloud system removes the necessity of putting many servers in customer side
Easy deployment – Customers can use the face recognition instantly from the next day of signing up the agreement
Easy Update – Customers do not care about server updates, software updates. Instead, customers focus on their business
Simplified business expansion – Extending the system to another office or another branch of the customer is very simple and can be activated for another office within 24 hours.

What Cloud Face Computing Brings to Our Customers?

Cloud as Marketing Tools:

System estimates the gender and age of clients and the frequency of their shopping expeditions across multiple locations. Hence, it helps retailers fine-tune their marketing strategy instantly.

Cloud as Security Tool:

First, mobile devices such as smartphones, touchpads, and Tablets (IPADs) are connected to the cloud (e.g., Amazon Web Services, Windows Azure) via a 3G/4G/LTE network.
Second, a captured image is sent to Cloud to check if the face has a record in watch list of enrolled images of people.

Cloud For Life Support (For Identification of Missing People)

Problem: There is no way to help lost dementia patients (e.g., elder people without ID card) or lost children, missing people.

Solution: Cloud service is only the way to help these people.

How system works:

First action: family of children or elder person applies to insurance company to record their people. Or after family thinks their child or elder person is lost, they can bring one photo of the person to the public office to search.

Next action: user takes a photo of a child or elder person they think he is lost on their phone. The app then uses facial-recognition technology to identify matches with a missing people database. If a match is found, the family is notified.

Cloud Product of Ayonix

Ayonix Facematcher application provides all these solutions. It is ready and can be accessed from any location at any time by using Internet Explorer/Google Chrome/Firefox along with Andoid, Ipad, Iphone Facematcher application.Application can be downloaded from Android store and Apple store