Technical Points of APS Face Recognition

  • tracks multiple faces simultaneously
  • compares faces against database image in real time
  • displays real-time signals when there is a match event
  • sends alarm content and images by email to mobile devices
  • supports interactive enrollment from still image and live camera stream
  • provides high scalability in terms of watch list size, number of camera streams and number of visible faces

APS Ver5.0 Highlights

  • All new designed graphical user interface
  • Support of multiple camera models
  • User friendly enrollment management utility
  • Enrollment from IP camera, Still images, Folders
  • Advanced face log search, view and export to pdf, xls, csv
  • ROI setting for face recognition
  • Simple installation and instant application launch
  • Single and Multiple Face Recognition
  • Online alert(Screen, Email, Sound, Http trigger)
  • Camera monitoring and easy camera task assignment
  • One click view for user logs, system logs, DB content, camera events, settings

Face matching in large databases

Based on Ayonix state-of-the-art face recognition algorithms, APS matches big databases of facial identities and picks up matched faces from live camera streams. It does identification, verification and recognition of person images in real time. In addition, Search function allows users to find a record instantly
APS supports multiple cameras and millions of records in database APS runs SQL 2012 server in background. All face events along with face database data are kept inside SQL