Turn-key solution

  • Identifies multiple faces in live camera stream
  • Recognizes faces from large face databases
  • Uses IP cameras at fixed installations
  • Runs Wireless IP cameras
  • Uses a proprietary Client viewer that displays all live activities
  • Provides a cost-down system
  • Works over secure Web and wireless networks
  • Instantly compares faces to watch lists
  • Built on Ayonix technology top-rated by the latest Facial Recognition Vendor Tests conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a US government agency

In Retails, Shops (Transform Security)

1Prevent costly inventory shrinkage by alerting staff when a known shoplifter enters any of your shops.
2Help avoid costly scams and reduce expenses related to shoplifter prosecution, overtime for employees appearing as trial witnesses and legal fees.
3Reduce costs by eliminating the need for staff to monitor entrances.
4Boost sales by recognizing VIP customers each time they shop.

In Plaza and Factories

1Monitor and verify who is entering the facility.
2Scan visitors entering the facility and catch anyone who is not authorized to enter.
3Automatically send alerts when wanted individuals are identified.
4Build a database of regular visitors, such as Delivery people. Be notified of the arrival of a UPS, FedEx or other delivery person.