System Features

  • Real-Time multiple face detection and recognition from incoming camera streams
  • Real-Time alarm and notification on recognizing person to administrators
  • Easy database addition and search from diverse filters
  • Support multiple interfaces for enrollment by incoming camera streams, face history log and images
  • Support single and batch enrollment
  • Logging of all face images with date and time index
  • Simple and fast logging history search from various filters

Features of APS Vantage Manager

  • Running as a windows service
  • Connects all available cameras
  • Full TCP/IP support
  • Easy Camera task assignment
  • Full event archiving
  • Up to Four-camera connection per server

Features of APS Observation Post

  • Easy view of Matching Results
  • All matched person display
  • Easy Verification confirmation
  • DB search by Name/Birthday/Camera
  • Simplified User Interface
  • Unlimited numbers of server access
  • Reconnection if connection is lost
  • Automatic archiving
  • Past-archive search of watch lists.

APS package content

  • APS Ver5.0 installation setup
  • License file
  • Documentation