Ayonix Public Security

Ayonix Public Security (APS ver5.0) is an interactive real time face detection and recognition application which detects and identifies persons of interest supporting security staff, marketing departments and operations management in one single application.

APS detects people’s faces in live cameras and instantly matches with enrollment database to check whether person is in the database. If yes, APS publishes an alarm and sends email to the security staff.
Enrollment in APS is very easy by using any Onvif-compliant IP camera, still images, Alarm images. Any record can be modified, removed, merged with another record. Alarm for each record can be individually set.


  • Fastest matching speed of the world
  • Detect and Identify people from IP cameras
  • Show “watch list” in real time
  • Real time Alert notification
  • Easy enrollment to SQL databases
  • Batch enrollment
  • Support to Milestone systems VMS
  • Support ONVIF cameras
  • Enrollment from IP camera and images
  • Face log searching


  • Face detection
  • Face Tracker
  • Face feature extractor
  • 3D Face generator
  • Face matcher
  • Face landmark detection