Ayonix Media Inspector

Ayonix Media Inspector


Ayonix Media Inspector is developed by using Ayonix’s 3D Face recognition technology and it helps customers to analyze video data stored on servers or data centers.
Ayonix Media Inspector saves time and money to offer an effective-data-search and easy playback from videos. It gives analyzed results as thumbnails view.
When clicked any thumbnail, playback screen for checking recognized person plays. Besides, Ayonix Media Inspector is deployed many functions for easy-use. For example, direct enrollment of person from a video file, Sequential time display, adjustable video tracking parameters for speedy matching or slower but high-accurate matching.


  • High-speed Face recognition from Video streams
  • Face recognition result display in thumbnail form
  • One-click-playback from thumbnails view
  • Direct enrollment from video streams
  • Sequential time result display
  • Easy batch enrollment (One-click enrollment)
  • Candidate list display



  • tracks multiple faces simultaneously( up to 20 faces in one frame)
  • compares faces against face database in real time
  • supports smart enrollment from image and video stream
  • provides scalability for the number of watch list, video streams and visible faces

Operational Platform

  • OS: Windows Server 2008/2012 R2 (x64bits), Windows 7 professional, Windows 8.1 64bits
  • CPU: Intel i5 and higher, Intel Xeon
  • RAM: At least 8GB
  • Database: MSSQL 2008/2012/2014