Facematcher Datasheet

FACE MATCHER Features of Face Recognition Technology

  • Single Face Recognition
  • Adaptive Face illumination normalization
  • Recognition of Sunglasses on face images
  • Redefined 3D Face feature analysis
  • High accuracy on Face feature detection


    FaceMatcher is composed of Face Recognition server which runs face engine as a service application to identify faces from Oracle® database. Facematcher accepts data from any smartphone, Media Server, Full-HD IP cameras through AxxonNext protocols.

    Face engine technical Specs

    Image format Jpg, Jp2000, Bmp, Png, Gif
    Image size 320x240 or higher
    Min. Face size 64x64 pixel
    Max. Face pose 20degree
    Illumination 300lux
    Template size 10KB
    Enrollment time 600ms
    Verification time 120ms


    Key features of Facematcher System

    • Advanced Load Balancing and Clustering
    • JSON Architecture and REST Support
    • Encrypted data transfer between clusters
    • Independent File server and Backup server
    • Secured VPN and TCP/IP/UDP support

    Technical Specs of Facematcher Server

    CPU Intel Pentium Core2Duo
    RAM 8GB
    HDD 1TB
    OS Windows 2008 R2 Server Windows 2012 Server
    Framework Microsoft Framework 4.5
    IIS IIS7.5 or higher
    Database Oracle 11G R2
    Browser Google Chrome Ver32.0 IE Ver.9.0 Firefox Ver.26.0
    Other Visual C++ 2010 Redistributables(X86/X64)

    Technical Specs of Facematcher Application

    Input l  Smartphones / Tablet-PC (IOS, Android, Win. Mobile), l  Video stream (Mp4, Avi, Mts, Mpg) l  Network Camera (Megapixel Series)
    Number of Enrollments Unlimited
    Matching Method 1:1, 1:N, N:1, N:N
    Alarm mode Voice alarm, Pop-up alarm, Email alarm, Sms alarm
    Enrollment Single enroll, Batch enroll
    Matching Matching from Name
    Search Text, Image, Category
    Other Duplicated record check Watchlist create Automatic backup Loadbalancing and clustering

    Supported Browsers

    Browser Version
    Google Chrome 40.1
    Firefox 35.01
    Internet Explorer 10.0
    Opera 27.0


    • Easy view of Matching Results
    • All matched person display
    • Searching from Image and text
    • Easy Verification confirmation
    • DB search by ID, Name/Birthday/Country
    • Simplified User Interface
    • Unlimited numbers of client access to server
    • Support web client access
    • Search from User area

    Client machine Specs

    • OS: Windows 7 SP2, Windows 8.1
    • CPU: Intel Pentium Core2Duo 2.4GHz
    • RAM: 2GB
    • HDD: 300MB or higher
    • IIS: Ver.7.5 or higher

    Supporting Language

    • English
    • Turkish