Ayonix Face detection

Ayonix Face-ID SDK determines all visible faces from images and IP cameras

Face recognition

Ayonix recognizes people by comparing with database

Gender-Age estimation

Ayonix finds people ages and genders for marketing applications

Face detection module

Face detection finds people faces in an image or IP camera stream. Input image size is normally more than VGA size (640x480).Supported image formats are Jpg, Jp2, Bmp, Png, Pgm.

Age estimation module

This module gives the age information of a person by analyzing face images. Age estimation is available for Asian and Global. Asian module is for Asian people and Global is for the rest of the world.

Gender estimation module

It finds the gender of a person from an image or IP cameras. Regardless of people races, gender is determined accurately. Gender information is given in numbers in weekly, monthly graphs

Sunglass module

By using Ayonix’s 3D-Spine technology, sunglasses-wearing people are detected in real time. Detection of sunglasses-wearing people gives tremendous advantages from marketing point of view

Feature extraction module

Ayonix engine runs 3D face recognition technology in background. First, 7 points (Eyes, nose, Mouth) is determined and 100 points are automatically generated and then 10,000 points are created.

Smile module

All face images are analyzed and happiness level of people is computed from face images. Happiness is measured not only by the corner of mouths, but also mimics.

Face recognition module

Person biometrics template(AFID) is created and used for matching in database to find if there is a match. Face verification&recognition are done by this module. Recognition speed is 100ms.

Face comparison module

This module compares face features with database images. For large number of enrollments, comparison plays an important role. Ayonix does comparison in a smart way by advanced indexing.