Ayonix Face-ID SDK


  • Single or Multiple Face recognition
  • Real time face tracking
  • Automated face registration
  • Easy configuration of face recognition parameters
  • Strong for moderate lighting
  • Wearing glasses(except dark sunglasses)
  • Face expressional changes such as smile, sad, angry
  • Head rotation support: +/- 20°yaw, pitch from frontal images,
  • Easy configuration of face recognition parameters
  • Powerful face/eye detection on images and video streams
  • Advanced illumination correction module
  • Powerful image noise reduction
  • Detailed documentation including SDK/API reference and user guide
  • Fully documented examples and implementation details supported by FAQs and knowledge-based use cases.
  • Simplified API for faster development time.


  • Access Control
  • Mobile face verification
  • Surveillance
  • Advanced DVR system
  • Biometric smart card
  • ATM
  • PC Logon


  • Access Control
  • Learning-based facial detection
  • Eyes detection
  • Local face feature extraction
  • Face illumination correction
  • Featured-based face recognition
  • Advanced face feature classification
  • It uses four different algorithms for matching a face. Local features and global features are extracted in parallel. 50 facial feature points from eye, eye corner, mouth, mouth corner, and nose are extracted.
  • Employ 3Dface model technology (3D) which 3D takes thousands of face feature points.