Ayonix Digital Signage

Ayonix Digital Signage (AYDIS)

Getting the attention of your audience is the most important part of your digital display. Ayonix’s digital signage software plays back the right content by analyzing ages and gender of audience. For example, digital signage plays dolls and pink sports wears if there is a young girl in front of Digital signage monitor. Display shows necktie, suits, and business bags if a mid-age man is looking at Digital signage. All contents are fully changeable from remote simply and easily in one-click-operation.


Digital display screens produce tangible returns on the investment through such things as:
Cost efficiency – Any changes to the printed material used for promotion adds extra cost – from creative, pre-production, printing etc. Digital signage removes almost all of that.

Timelines – Changing daily specials promotions and pricing can all be done digitally, simply and instantly. Different items can be scheduled for showing in a specific time period.

Suggestive selling – Digital screens can be scheduled to run special promotions in front of people as they are waiting.

Some Selected Features

  • Most advanced 3D Face analysis technology
  • Easy to manage from one centralized location
  • Built-in raid content-management
  • Low-cost, easy installation and minimum support needs
  • Statistical functional reporting in pdf, xls and cvs file format
  • Virtual graphics generated by hours, days, weeks, months
  • Scalable and programmable for hundreds of contents
  • Play Video and Image advertising to grab more attention

Key Points

  • Instantaneous, continuous audience data.
  • Robust fast face detection (20 faces in one second)
  • Robust Gender(Male/Female) and Age classifiers (child, young adult, adult or senior)
  • Easy setup and monitoring
  • Upload data automatically over the Net or collect them by connecting a USB memory.
  • Easy integration: audience data are available in real time to third-party applications over a local TCP socket, as well as in CSV format. Quick and simple to deploy, in small and large networks (volume deployment).
  • Counting of Audiences (the number of people that have looked at the digital signage) and also Dwell time (the duration between the first detection and the escape from the scenery) are measured effectively.

Usage Examples of Digital Signage

  • Shopping malls, Supermarkets
  • Shops entrances
  • Bus/Train stations, Airports, Concert Halls
  • Hospitals, Hotels

Advantages of Digital Signage for Customers

  • Saving time and money by shifting from printed to digital signage software menu boards.
  • Promoting different offers by time of day
  • Marketing new or under-performing menu items with eye-catching visuals
  • Integrating social media, such as location check-ins.

Technical Data

Hardware Configuration

  • CPU: Intel i5 and higher
  • OS: Windows 7 professional
  • CAMERA: Standard webcams (Logitech's Webcam Pro 9000 and C910 models) or IP cameras (Axis, Arecont, Panasonic, Sony).
  • RAM: 4GB