Partnership Outline

Partnership with Ayonix

Ayonix is a face recognition company. Since establishing the company in 2007, we are working in this area and we provide state of the art products worldwide.

We are quite aware of the importance of partnerships and networking. We want to grow by our partners, we can expand our technology and brand name “Ayonix” worldwide.

Therefore, we aggressively look for new partners from every part of the world.

Partner company size is not important. You can be a small company, a start-up, large company or Government entity. To be a partner the important parameters we require are as follows;

  1. Aggressively promote Ayonix products in its region
  2. Translate documents to its local language and compile documents that are acceptable in its region
  3. Use all personal relations to distribute Ayonix products (customer visits, homepage, friend network, social network (facebook, linkedin etc.)
  4. Willing to learn new Ayonix products

Face recognition is not something like selling a single camera or sensor or any electronic equipment. It needs a solution; it needs an effort to explain your customers.

Ayonix is ready to help you for this. We like to work with high-motivated people.

If you are interested, please contact us now. We are looking forward to seeing you in our Ayonix network as soon as possible.

Apply for Ayonix partnership network now.