City Security

Face recognition is one of the most important technology for creating Safe cities, for fighting crime and protecting citizens. It creates a secure environment and can help first responders to pinpoint where their assistance is most needed.

Many cities around the world need face recognition solutions to:

  • Efficiently protect citizens
  • Enhance the city image
  • Reduce surveillance costs
  • Reduce investigation times

However, it is not so easy since there are many factors that affect face recognition in negative way such as speed of walking people, weather conditions, lights, and people face poses.

Speed, accuracy and reliability are the main features required of a face recognition solution. Identifying people on a watch list must be done without delay. For a successful deployment of face recognition, Lighting conditions, angles, aging, facial expressions and obstructions such as hats and facial hair must be considered along with required processing power and capture rates particularly if being used in a busy or crowded environment.

Ayonix has entire system solution which takes these parameters into consideration for a successful face recognition.

Ayonix city solutions

Solution 1: Detection of unwanted individuals

One of the most common applications is identifying person of interest in an open environment who provide a risk to public safety or a security risk or possibly are known trouble makers or offenders. Using a watch-list face database, face recognition identifies these people quickly from the live Camera streams. The face recognition software does a quick look up in the black list database and where a match is found, alerts can be made to security personnel by both on screen and email to smartphone to enable a quick response to the possible threat.

How to match a person:

It has two options:

  1. Through fixed IP cameras

Police or security personnel runs face recognition on fixed IP cameras to find a match from walking people. IP camera input to the face recognition is done centrally

  1. Through mobile police patrol cars

A mobile camera is mounted to police car roof and car moves in a street slowly (up to 50kmh). Camera collects faces from streets and instantly gives matching results.

Solution 2: Secure Area monitoring

Monitoring a secured area identifies people of interests within a specific area. The solution finds faces and matches them with a database which includes staff, contractors and visitors. If a person is not matched in the database, then they are instantly identified as a risk or threat. Alerts can then be made to security personnel by using email and screen alerts.