Ayonix-人カウント SDK

Ayonix People Counter SDK ver1.0

With many technological experiences based on 3D face recognition technology, Ayonix develops and releases people counting software. Ayonix People Counter counts the incoming and outgoing people. Ayonix People Counter is proved with high accuracy for the scenarios of walking people, people who walk side by side and in all lighting conditions. And It also detects direction of people entering and existing


By providing SDK interface, Ayonix people counter will be possible more deployment for various markets, e.g. retail stores, shopping malls, banks, hotels, museum and transport areas to measure trend analysis, sales conversion, optimize staffs shift by time/seasons, service improvement and traffic analysis, security improvement and traffic analysis…

Count people in real time

People counting counts people and give statistical data in realtime

High Accuracy in people counting

Ayonix uses its own proprietary counting technology

Real time bi-directional detections

Counting is done both in IN and OUT. IN is coming people, OUT is outgoing people

Cost effective & simple interface

Very cost effective solution