Why Ayonix

Ayonix is a pioneer company on Face recognition. Since of its establishment, it focuses on Face recognition and face-related technologies.
Ayonix is an innovation technology company which develops its own patented technologies.
What are our privileges and differences? Why do you have to choose Ayonix?
You can find all those answers below:


  • Our system cannot be deceived by beard and mustache
  • Our system cannot be deceived by Make-up.
  • Frontal hair does not affect our system performance.
  • Light have minimal effect on our system.
  • Wearing Eyeglasses, Contact-lenses does not affect system performance.


  • We give support to our customers, helps customers to choose best hardware, best camera, best environment to use our products.
  • Ayonix is customer-driven company. We do not only give products, but also follow up customers as long as they use Ayonix products.
  • Our face technologies and applications are developed in our company. Ayonix technologies (including 3D technology) do not use any external software from other companies.
  • Ayonix is a Japan company. Based on commercialization and high-quality production, we deliver high quality products
  • We conduct long product testing and reliability testing in big data which brings high-reliable and high-quality products
  • We have a huge number of partner channels in Middle-east, Europe, Latin America and far-east Asia region. We help our customers to grow their channel by using our global network.