As a face recognition company, we develop our own face recognition technology as well as a wide range of face applications which cover our customer needs. Our working strategy is not only providing products but also help customers to choose the correct product, correct configuration and correct licensing model.

To do our work accurately, we listen customer voice, understand customer needs in-depth by using skype, phone-call, whatsapp messenger or we visit customer to have a face-to-face meeting all over the world. Then we design a model which satisfies customers.

Here is more detailed explanation for what we do for our valuable customers

Technical division (R&D, Application Dev. Dept.)

1Development of Image recognition technologies
3D technology, Face Detection, Recognition, gender detection, age detection technology, Image matching technology
2Face recognition application development and support
3Customized Product Development and support
4Network and System solution development
5Mobile application development(Android, IOS)

Customer support division

1Solution Development to customer in our expertized areas
2Intensive support before sales and after sales.
3Help customers to choose the correct Ayonix solutions/products
4Help customers to choose hardware(server, camera, modem, router, switch) and database products(SQL, Oracle, MySQL, SQlite)
5Help customers to conduct demos to their end-users/clients

Sales division

1Choose the best option for Ayonix product options
2Helps for choosing the appropriate licensing
3Product demonstration
4Help customer to get the solution in a cost-effective way.